Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Our Yorktown United Methodist Church Prayer Ministry Team, through prayer and with God’s guiding wisdom, seeks and cultivates plans to encourage our congregation’s growth in their conversations and relationships with God. Through the spiritual efforts of the prayer team our members, their family and friends, and the community at large are assisted with developing, strengthening, and increasing their personal prayer life and their spiritual relationships with the Lord.

Additionally, our Prayer Ministry consists of:

  • A column in the church’s monthly newsletter “The Messenger”, entitled “Conversations with God”, which provides supplementary resource information related to growing in our prayer lives.
  • Sending prayer cards to our church and community brothers and sisters who are on our prayer list or who are in need of prayer.
  • Participating in a Prayer Partner Ministry which is open to all and which offers each participant and their selected prayer partner, a spiritual opportunity for growth in their devotional and prayer life.
  • Praising the glory of God’s mercy and praying for those who are sick or in need, during worship service, bible study prayer time, in the Prayer Partner groups, and upon personal request.
  • Helping our congregants understand that an active prayer life is vital for communicating with God and for the revelation of His plans for our lives.
  • Maintaining a growing and healthy spiritual life for the church leaders while leading others to do the same.
  • Modeling and teaching a variety of ways of praying.

If you need prayers and would like to leave a prayer request, please click here to leave your request on our Prayer List page.

Our team leaders are available to pray individually with anyone who is in need of prayer. We ensure confidentiality.

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