A guide to planning your wedding at Yorktown United Methodist Church…

Congratulations on your engagement! We look forward to working with you regarding your upcoming wedding day!  Our staff is committed to making your ceremony and reception both a memorable and beautiful event, as well as helping you prepare spiritually for a life of marriage together.

The information below provides detailed information for those planning for this very important day!


There is a clear-cut distinction to be made between a civil marriage and one performed through Christ’s Church.  A civil marriage is one presided over by a legally authorized civil officer responsible for seeing that two persons make a legally binding contract to each other, the validity of which is recognized by society as a whole.  A marriage performed through Christ’s Church is designed to accomplish these same things, adding a deeper dimension of its own.  It requires that those who marry each other shall do so in a spirit of worship of Almighty God, with an awareness that the vows they make to each other are made as sacred promises to God and each other as a celebration of the enduring love existing between two partners.

A church marriage, however, should not be viewed as superior to a civil marriage.  We make no claim of superiority, we offer it only as being distinctively of God.  Also, a church marriage offers no guarantee of success in marriage.  Success depends on how willing you are to mature and adjust within the relationship of a Christian marriage.  Blessings to both of you!

Advanced Planning and Pre-Marital Interviews

Our Pastor and staff request at least 3 months advance notice.  Advance planning is very important for your wedding.  A wedding is one of life’s most important steps which should be thought through and planned for over a period of time.  The ideal arrangement is to make the first contact with the Pastor three to six months in advance of the desired wedding date and prior to booking your reception.

It is required that those being married appear for at least two pre-marital counseling and planning sessions with the Pastor.


If your anticipated marriage ceremony is formal enough to involve an organ-accompanied processional, then it is necessary that there be a rehearsal.  All members of the wedding party should be present at the rehearsal.  Rehearsals are held at a time convenient to the Pastor and wedding party.  Please bring the wedding license and honorariums to the rehearsal.

Honorariums and Fees
(Please place each honorarium in a separate envelope).

  • Organist – $200.00
  • Pastor – $350.00
  • Secretary – $100.00 (if required)
  • Use of facilities: Sanctuary – $300.00
  • Use of facilities: Fellowship Hall – $300.00


A Church wedding is a religious ceremony and the music should be worthy of a worship service of celebration. Please advise if you will require the services of an organist.  The organist may be consulted for recommendations and should be contacted at least three months in advance, should the bride or groom have special music requests.


If you plan to place flowers in the chancel, arrange with the florist to have them in place at least one hour before the ceremony.  Please, no metal fasteners, staples, scotch tape and nails that will scar or mark the property.

If you plan to leave the flowers for use at other services of the Church, it is important that we know this in advance.


Pictures may be taken with discretion, as long as they do not distract from the service either by the lighting, flashes or positioning of the photographers – it is your wedding and you should insist that it proceed with decorum!! At no time during the ceremony will photographers be allowed up in the Chancel area.  After the ceremony has been completed, the wedding party may be reassembled for as many posed pictures as are desirable.


As a courtesy to your guests and our staff, please arrive at the Church early enough so that the wedding may begin at your announced time.  Lateness creates considerable uneasiness among your guests and those coordinating the ceremony.

Additional Worship Content in the Ceremony

For those who so desire, the Pastor will be pleased to augment the traditional ceremony with your own material, or to use your selections of Scripture, readings, prayers, poems, or other devotional resources.  It is best to make these arrangements at least four weeks in advance of the ceremony with the Pastor.

We, at YUMC, are honored to serve you and celebrate with you during this special time.   If you are interested in planning a wedding at Yorktown United Methodist Church, or to have Our Pastor take part in your wedding at another location, please contact our Church Office to setup a consultation.  Thank you for your consideration.

Click here to download the Wedding Request form.